AQUALAB Water Activity

Precise water activity data for even the most volatile samples.

Volatility meets precision. Achieve accurate water activity readings in samples with volatile compounds.

Laser precision

TDL uses a laser beam (tunable laser diode) less than one nanometer wide, tuned to the absorption band of water. It measures water molecules no matter the concentration of volatiles—even soy sauce, gasoline, and tobacco. Readings are so precise, you can even measure water activity in pure alcohol.

Respected by customers and third-party scientists alike, the TDL (tunable laser diode) delivers readings you can trust no matter what the sample contains.


All-around accuracy

Sauces, spices, tobacco, and other volatile samples, are known to be difficult to read accurately—TDL can measure even the most challenging volatiles. The Cooperation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco (CORESTA) specifies the TDL as the only sensor for accurate water activity in tobacco products.

read time

The secret to the AQUALAB TDL 2's precision is in its unique laser technology. The laser beam—less than one nanometer wide—locks on to water molecules no matter the concentration of volatiles. Its sensor has no moving parts and is housed in a fully sealed sample chamber. 

Quicker Quality

Thanks to the TDL laser, measuring samples takes less than five minutes—a great difference compared to other instruments that take up to an hour. Save time, without sacrificing accuracy, no matter what ingredients are in your sample with AQUALAB TDL 2.

Easy to Use

Lightning fast results and low maintenance. TDL 2 is as easy to use as it is precise. No moving parts. No calibration required. Measurement-ready in just five minutes.

In the lead for 40 years

Since our founding in 1983, we’ve stayed laser-focused on moisture management science – and built the industry’s largest body of expertise on the topic.

Highly secure

Connect and sync if you need to. Stay offline and locked down if you don’t. Aqualab devices can sync data to any smart device – without being hamstrung if policies prohibit connectivity.

Compliance uncomplicated

Satisfying auditors – no matter the regulatory body – couldn’t be simpler. Aqualab instruments help you sync and secure data, manage users, and connect other devices with ease.

Any sample, always accurate

92% of the top 100 food companies use Aqualab devices. Throughout formulation, production and QA — from raw ingredients to final product and anything between.

Feature summary

  • Accurate:  ±0.005 aw
  • Accurately read any sample, including those with volatiles
  • Verifiable with independent salt standards
  • Repeatable: different users, different locations, same result
  • Portable: weighs just 7 pounds
  • Easy to use: precise aw readings with minimal training
  • Secure: offers administrative control over calibration and data
  • Calibration certificate
  • Power cord
  • USB A to USB B cable
  • 50 disposable sample cups
  • AQUALAB Cleaning Kit
  • Two vials of verification solutions


Delivery time:  usually ships within 2 business days

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