Water activity and isotherm consultation

The Aqualab R&D Lab is at your service. The lab can perform standard water activity testing, develop isotherms, troubleshoot products or processes, offer third-party results, interpret results, or even carry out on-site investigations.

Product samples will be analyzed to create a product-specific sorption and desorption DDI curve. The DDI curve gives you a detailed picture of moisture interactions within your product and exactly how formulation, packaging, and storage decisions will affect it. 

Reporting options include data only, data plus a simple summary, or data plus analysis and consultation.

You choose which analyses to include in your report:

Ingredient mixing models — Predict final equilibrium and quality implications if components are combined at different water activities and experience moisture migration. 

Effects of temperature abuse — Identify temperature sensitivity and predict the consequences of storage under abuse conditions. 

Critical water activity — Predict caking and clumping, find glass transition and deliquescence points, and pinpoint critical moisture ranges for product quality.

Packaging evaluation — Determine packaging specifications needed to achieve a certain shelf life and analyze current packaging performance. 

Monolayer value determination — The monolayer value represents the most stable condition for any product (where it will have its maximum shelf life).