February 2022

AnalyticsWeek: Modernizing Food Production with IoT

As published by AnalyticsWeek โ€” February 2022


Modernizing Food Production and Cannabis Cultivation with the Internet of Things

Once, the Industrial Internet was the forerunner of the Internet of Thingsโ€™ vast capacity to revamp data management practices via real-time, and near real-time, data analytics. Today, however, the IoT has become a quotidian part of existence for consumers, industrialists, and enterprises alike with a heightened accessibility that behooves each of these user subsets.

On the one hand, the IoTโ€™s industrial capabilities are well evinced in areas such as food production, where the generation of sensor data is utilized to maintain and optimize crop yield. On the other, these same techniques are responsible for expanding that utility to the cannabis industry and, conceivably, to even the small and medium-sized enterprises or local growers cultivating this crop for cash.

With a balanced synthesis of sensor data, wireless connectivity, and cloud computing, itโ€™s now become easier than ever to access the IoT for a degree of precision and consistency thatโ€™s ideal for these use cases. According to METER Group CEO Scott Campbell, for food production this combination is โ€œused to essentially tell you when to stop cooking, or heating, or drying your product. On the cultivation side, in terms of plants that are grown in hydroponics media, itโ€™s used to tell when you should water your plants.โ€

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