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Without analysis, data is worthless. Your isotherm and aw data hold volumes of valuable insight. But without the right models and equations, they’re simply expensive numbers.

Still searching?

Finding and verifying the equations needed to set water activity specs, predict shelf life, or evaluate packaging can take hours – to say nothing of the time and effort needed to make the calculations.

Fortunately, you’ve found the MAT.

trusted equations at your fingertips

All the answers in one place

Imagine a software program that puts all the moisture calculations in one place. A program that lets you simply type in your data and get answers—quickly. One that lets you do the things you’ve always wanted to do with your data but didn’t know were possible.

Welcome to the one-stop shop. The MAT includes every moisture calculation you’ll ever need, all in one place – saving you time and making it easier to use your data effectively.

Just press enter for predictions. Modeling can be complex. Using the toolkit’s models is anything but. Select the model you want to use, input your equations, and let the toolkit do the calculating.

Getting started is easier than ever. The latest version of the toolkit features a remodeled user interface to make translating data into insights easier than ever before.

Nearly every equation in the industry

The toolkit started off as our own internal cheat sheet. It contains all the models we regularly use. In addition to being a quick calculator, the toolkit is a handy reference. It’s a quick way to find out how to use your data to solve the challenges you face every day.

Still assembling your datasets?

We can help with that. The AQUALAB VSA creates highly detailed moisture sorption isotherms to help you visualize exactly how moisture will affect any given material. Where other sorption analyzers produce data with no means to interpret it, the VSA works seamlessly with the MAT to help you get insights.

Feature summary

  • All the moisture calculations in one place
  • Select the model, input equations, and the toolkit does the calculating
  • Calculate product shelf life
  • Evaluate packaging
  • Determine critical water activity for caking, clumping, and texture changes
  • Predict whether or not moisture will migrate
  • Predict the final water activity of a recipe
  • Predict the effect of storage conditions

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