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The most complete picture into moisture

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Master moisture. With its outsized influence on texture, shelf life, microbial growth and more, moisture will make or break any formulation. There’s simply no substitute for direct, high-precision, reliable moisture analysis. 

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Education guides4 min read

The food manufacturer’s complete guide to shelf life

Education guide

Quality, safety, stability, microbial growth and more – water activity affects so many facets of shelf life. We've assembled everything you need to know about how to make the most of it.

Education guides5 min read

The food manufacturer's step-by-step guide to lowering water activity with humectants

Education Guide

There are countless humectants on the market, and many ways to use them profitably — but which one is right for you, and how should you put it to work?

Get the complete picture. Simple moisture content measurements leave out half the information. Addium instruments focus on heavyweight metrics to give you the complete moisture picture.


Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Make detailed moisture maps to predict, understand, and control moisture’s effects. High-resolution moisture sorption isotherms for shelf life prediction.

  • Isotherms in <48 hours
  • 200+ data points / isotherm
  • 5 min. test setup

AQUALAB Water Activity

Precise aw readings in minutes — even on volatile samples that cripple other instruments.

  • Near-invincible laser sensor
  • Read highly volatile substances
  • Accurate to ±0.005 aw


Fast. Precise. Reliable. Meet the renowned instrument that brought water activity (aw) to the business world.

  • aw in <5 min.
  • Highly compliant + compatible
  • Secure data storage

A research-driven pedigree. Founded by a renowned scholar and research scientist, we’ll always stay true to our lab-driven roots. We test every product we develop extensively on real-world studies in our labs before releasing them to the public.


Learn, apply, grow. Discover everything you need to know about water activity and moisture optimization in our Knowledge Base.

Expertise library4 min read

DVS moisture sorption isotherms and food stability

DVS moisture sorption isotherms and food stability

An isotherm is a graph that maps the relationship between moisture content and water activity. Every food manufacturer needs the insights isotherms deliver – here's why.

Expertise library3 min read

Calculating the change in energy for food scientists

Calculating the change in energy for food scientists

A change in energy comes with a change in vapor pressure. Let's break down how the first law of thermodynamics can help calculate the amount of change.

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