One-minute total moisture content analyzer.

Master moisture content and loss on drying. The key to food manufacturing success lies in moisture and drying. The AQUALAB 3 total moisture analyzer measures precise moisture in a fraction of the time.

One-minute analysis

Depending on the sample, measuring water activity (aw) can take up to 2-5 minutes—even longer for coated products, products high in fat, or volatile compounds. With the AQUALAB 3 total moisture content analyzer and SKALA-powered predictive AI, readings on a single sample take just one minute.

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Precise and reliable

Most fast moisture content measurements are inaccurate. AQUALAB 3 delivers 10x the accuracy of the average moisture balance. Precise, reliable readings allow tighter moisture specs, helping improve yields without over-increasing safety margins.


Total control

Poor moisture control can profoundly impact revenue potential through failed batches and rework. Get predictive indicators within 60 seconds to adjust parameters like belt speed, temperature and water content — before the issue. Fast, precise measurements help ensure moisture control at the line.


Designed for precision moisture content measurements in liquid, paste and solid material, Aqualab 3 optimizes total moisture analysis. It's rapid, reliable, and repeatable for fast reactions and better process control.

Fully stackable

The Aqualab 3 total moisture analyzer is fully stackable with a small footprint. Saving space in production and process control areas is crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals, plastics and food.

Tablet interface

Routine operations have never been so easy. Get the information you need in one glance with Aqualab 3’s ruggedized tablet interface solution.

Built for abuse

Take readings in the harshest conditions – on the line, in receiving or shipping areas. AQUALAB devices don’t need a pristine lab to consistently deliver quality data.

Efficient, human-centric design 

Aqualab's easy-to-use and beautiful products win design awards across the globe. Device training is simple, operation is intuitive, and the resulting productivity gains are invaluable.

Any sample, always accurate

92% of the top 100 food companies use Aqualab devices. Throughout formulation, production and QA — from raw ingredients to final product and anything between.

Compliance uncomplicated

Satisfying auditors – no matter the regulatory body – couldn’t be simpler. Aqualab instruments help you sync and secure data, manage users, and connect other devices with ease.

SKALA is the solution. In-line data visualization tools empower production workers to own quality and efficiency goals. Current batch or continuous line data is fed through SKALA and presented on a dashboard optimized for technicians.

Feature summary

  • Fast: water activity readings in 1 minute.
  • Easy to use: precise measurements, minimal training
  • Expandable: connect and manage multiple Aqualab 3 instruments with one iPad
  • Repeatable: certified standards for repeatability across users and locations
  • Multiple reading types: simultaneous moisture content readings
  • Optional block exchange program: includes annual recalibration, extended warranty, and service plan
  • Calibrated sensor block
  • Power cord (2.29 m, 7.5 ft)
  • USB A to USB B cable (1.83 m, 6 ft)
  • 250 disposable sample cups
  • Cleaning kit
  • Standards kit
  • SDS booklet
  • NEXUS Benchtop Unit
  • SKALA NEXUS Accessory Kit
  • iPad stand
  • Apple iPad (optional)


Delivery time:  usually ships within 2 business days


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