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Everyone benefits from SKALA. SKALA software helps food manufacturers – plant managers, quality assurance teams, continuous improvement leaders, or any other role – optimize processes, increase efficiency, and boost product quality in the ways that work best for them.

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SKALA Production

Link your production equipment to SKALA to generate real-time dashboards, optimize processes, and maximize revenue.

SKALA Quality

Turn siloed QA data into instant reports, dashboards, and audit records by linking SKALA to your current sensors and equipment.


Nail product spec effortlessly with SKALA’s self-optimizing process control for batch ovens, continuous lines, and other industrial dryers.

SKALA Essential

Empower your devices to measure both moisture content and water activity in just 60 seconds.

“With SKALA we learned we had issues in areas we thoought we were doing really well....we were missing a lot of opportunities.”

Todd Dunlop, Director of Quality Assurance and R&D

/ Hampshire Pet Products


Without a way to measure what’s happening inside your dryer, all you can do is react to problems after they’ve happened – not respond to changes as they happen.

SKALA Solo sensors go inside the dryer and connect to software that automates dryer adjustments, giving you exceptionally high moisture control, less product variability, and more profit.

SKALA Production

Empower production workers to own quality and efficiency goals with SKALA Production’s in-line data visualization tools.

Current batch or continuous line data is fed through SKALA and presented on a dashboard optimized for technicians, giving them power to see trends and patterns that used to be invisible.

SKALA Quality

Automatically collect real-time data from legacy devices, including check weighers, moisture balances, and temperature probes with SKALA Quality.

Instead of typing readings into spreadsheets, SKALA delivers data straight to a process control dashboard where workers can see live quality metrics to inform their decisions in near-real time.

SKALA Essential

SKALA Essential’s predictive AI enables complete moisture analysis (both water activity and moisture content readings) in just 60 seconds – with 10x the precision of a standard moisture balance.

To save even more time, SKALA collects and stores all of your reading data for you automatically. Acing audits has never been easier.

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