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Better food starts with smarter metrics. Consistent, high-quality food isn’t possible without reliable moisture data. Measuring and understanding water’s effects gives you the power to maximize product safety, slash risk, and wow customers.

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Fast, precise, reliable – no tradeoffs. With AQUALAB instruments, the data you need is simple to collect, easy to read, and tough to ignore.


Fast. Precise. Reliable. Meet the renowned instrument that brought water activity (aw) to the business world.

  • aw in <5 min.
  • Highly compliant + compatible
  • Secure data storage


Make detailed moisture maps to predict, understand, and control moisture’s effects. High-resolution moisture sorption isotherms for shelf life prediction.

  • Isotherms in <48 hours
  • 200+ data points / isotherm
  • 5 min. test setup


Lightning-fast total moisture analysis to tighten process control and boost quality. Combine moisture content and water activity in one device.

  • MC + aw in one
  • Results in 60 seconds
  • For the lab or the line

Trusted everywhere

Maximize quality, no matter the product. More than 90 of the world’s top 100 food and pharma companies use AQUALAB. Learn how.

Applied industries

Maximizing taste, texture, quality

Cured Meats

In the cured meat industry, water activity plays an outsized role in maximizing taste, texture, quality and – perhaps most importantly – yield and revenue. Here’s how.

Maintain texture and quality

Baked Snack Foods

Moisture migration. Shelf life. Texture. Packaging. AQUALAB water activity meters and moisture analysis instruments make the tough problems easy. Here’s how.

Quality pet food

Pet Food

We’ll help ensure your pet food products won’t mold or spoil prematurely – and make sure you’re retaining enough moisture to maximize your yield and revenue.

End-to-end control

AQUALAB solutions are designed to keep your team informed and tasks streamlined at the pulse of production. Learn how to apply and improve.


Instrument training

Podcast: Water in food

How can we make the most of water? Meet the scientist on a mission to prevent billions of dollars from going to waste in manufacturing.


Podcast25 minutes

Episode 25: Clif Bar


Every year, billions of dollars are spent by food manufacturers to move water in and out of food products. As a food scientist, I'm on a mission to understand how this can be done better.

Podcast31 minutes

Episode 17: "Mr. Lactose," Kent Keller


Today I'm joined by Kent Keller of Keller Technologies, Inc. A lactose specialist, Kent has educated people and companies about lactose for over 40 years. Let's hear what Kent has to say on Water In Food.

Podcast26 minutes

Episode 18: Univ. of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture


As leaders in research in a major hub for rice production in the United States, listen to how Dr. Atungulu and Abass use water activity and moisture sorption isotherms to advance their region's rice industry.

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